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This survey asks some questions about how supporting an adult in their 20s, 30s or 40s with cancer has affected your life.  The answers will help Shine Cancer Support to develop our work in relation to the partners, friends and family of younger adults with cancer.
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Who can participate in this survey?  This survey has questions for adults who are caring for, or are the primary supporter of, an adult in their 20s, 30s and 40s who has been diagnosed with cancer, whether they are currently in treatment or not, and who live in the United Kingdom.  This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.  You do not have to answer all of the questions if you do not wish to.   Your answers to the questions here are anonymous, although you are given an option at the end to enter in your name and other contact details. Your information will never be shared with any other parties.  

What if I have questions about this survey?   Please contact Ceinwen Giles at Shine Cancer Support (ceinwen@shinecancersupport.org) if you have any questions about this survey, its questions, or how the information collected here will be used.

What is your age range?

What is your gender? Which of the following best describes how you think about yourself?

Sexuality: Which of the following best describes how you think about yourself?

What is your relationship to the young adult with cancer?

We'd like to know a little about the young adult with cancer that you're helping. Are they:

How old is the person that you are supporting?

Many people who are supporting a seriously ill individual do not consider themselves to be a “carer”. Do you feel that the term "carer" applies to you?

Can you explain why you provided the answer above?

Individuals caring for others face many psychological and health challenges in their role Which of the following challenges are you facing as a direct result of your role?

Which one of the above challenges have the biggest negative impact on your life and why?

Which of the above challenges would you most like help with?

Carers also face many practical challenges in their role, such as difficulty combining caring and employment.  What are the biggest practical challenges that you have faced as a result of your role?

Do you receive any support to assist you with caring for a young adult with cancer?

Which charities or organisations, if any, have you received assistance, support or information from?

In what ways have you received this information and/or support?

Of the above, which has been the most helpful to you?

Shine is considering running workshops for those supporting young adults with cancer and we are interested in topics you would like to see covered. Some examples include managing low mood, coping with stress and/or anxiety, or dealing with relationship difficulties. What topics would you like to see addressed in future workshops? You can list any of these examples, or any other topic you like.

In-person workshops are just one way Shine could provide support to carers. What is your preferred way to have support provided by Shine in the future?

If in-person workshops were provided in the future, how comfortable would you be to attend these with others who are supporting young adults with cancer?

What barriers might you face in attending in-person workshops (e.g., finding time, making other care arrangements)?

Do you have any suggestions that could help you overcome these barriers?

Would you be interested in attending a workshop to help us understand better the needs of people supporting young adults with cancer?

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? If so, write it in below!

Thank you for your time! We will review the information you provide and use this to plan future Shine initiatives for supporters of young adults with cancer.

Shine currently runs a private Facebook group for "Shine Plus Ones" - people supporting young adults with cancer. You can request to join the group by pressing the button below. You can also visit Shine's website at www.shinecancersupport.org
Visit our Shine Plus Ones group
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